Welcome to Ghost of a Chance, the on-going log of the adventures of a party of Exalts in White Wolf’s Exalted (2nd edition) setting. Dig in and enjoy the ride.

Abyssals game has begun!

Andy is still actively taking suggestions for things you want to see when the Solar game picks back up. Head’s up, we’re heading North! Let me know what kinds of things your characters would do on the way or in prep for the journey.

Be aware that you are being bribed with XP to add more information to the wiki if you should feel at all motivated to do so. I am the GM, I have no shame.

Exalted game, setting and concepts are property of White Wolf Publishing, and we make no claim to them. Ghost of a Chance exclusive characters are property of their creators except where otherwise noted.

Exalted: Ghost of a Chance

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