The Mortals

Brazen Ember
The former second in command for Nomora Kageto, she tracked him down across Creation to warn him. She was killed by Bones of the Ashen Phoenix

The Council of Five
The governing body of Three Oaks.

The Elder
The head woman in charge of Kalia.

A tall, dark and handsome traveling companion. He doesn’t actually have any family in Three Oaks.

A young boy, attacked by his own shadow while playing in a field.

Mistress Ara
Mistress Ara

A refined lady of culture and class, here to serve you whenever you ask

Senmai (Mai)

Handmaid to Nine Willows in Autumn, former lady of the evening in Lookshy

A prodigal daughter, Lunar’s love interest and royal pain in the neck. She was Titan’s girlfriend for a brief time.

The Mortals

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