The Lunars

Cur of the Barren Wastes

Tengese lowlife turned soldier in the Red Piss Legion, the former-Lunar formerly known as Howling Coyote (call me Kida) exalted in the aftermath of a battle with the Lintha. He dedicated himself to eradicating what he called the “creeping death” – the shadowlands that taint Creation. He was interrupted in this by a strange encounter with a Deathknight that left him cold. He left his pack immediately to go on a fool’s quest to find the next incarnation of the Deathknight woman he believed – despite the “common sense” of other Lunars – to be his Mate. His quest finally led him to the domain of the Walker in Darkness who pulled him down the slippery path to servitude as a subject of the Deathlord’s latest project: Labyrinthines. Broken out of the hidden laboratory by the circle, his fate is now in their hands.

Ebony Skydeep

A No Moon Lunar, wise beyond her years. As the sorcerer and lorekeeper of the Windward Glory pack, she was their greatest loss when a battle at Marama’s Fell turned fatal.

Howls Justice (Halvor/Aesis)

justice.png(Howls Justice)!

A Lunar masquerading as the Black Star Mastiff named Aesis. Gaias’ mentor, Adamant Rose, sent Justice with Gaias to make sure he got back home alive or, failing that, at least bring back the daiklave Rose loaned him. He disappeared in the Underworld near Karuth Vlan.


Shardcoat is the Changing-Moon pack leader of the Windward Glory pack. He strives to keep the pack together after the deaths of Ebony and Titan and seeks a way to continue their mission in Marama’s Fell.

Silver-Draped Wraith (Crystal Bay)_

bay.png(Silver-Draped Wraith)!

This striking young Lunar was formerly known as Crystal Bay, a scion of House Crystal. Her exotic appearance distracts the eye from the many deadly secrets that lie beneath the skin. She journeyed across Creation itself tracking down her Solar mate, Nomora Kageto, whom she now travels with.


A ne’er-do-well and always quick with a joke, Swift acts as a scout and a messenger for his pack, Windward Glory. He is currently seeking about for young Lunars worthy of entrance to strengthen the pack for another go at Marama’s Fell.


The former leader of the Windward Glory pack, he died in battle at Marama’s Fell. He left behind a legacy of Lunar supremacy and would not tolerate being given orders by a Solar.

The Lunars

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