The Ghosts

The Unctuous Purveyer of Deleterious Intent

Sobriquets: The Omniscient Purveyor, The Watcher.

Niraba Fallsong

Because the Watcher so infrequently interacts directly with the Atelier and even his own Deathknights, he employs several key advisors to pass on his orders. Niraba Fallsong is the most commonly seen figure representing the Deathlord currently. A powerful entity, she is a beautiful woman with a cat-like grace to her movements. While she is normally draped in close-fitting robes of varying hues, it is not uncommon for her to be seen in a Soulsteel and white Jade reinforced breastplate when presenting herself in a more militaristic setting. She has appeared only very recently within the past year, but has apparently made a large enough impression to be elevated so highly so quickly. She is often seen roaming the grounds of Crimson Fastness taking care of one matter or another, and coordinates most of the training and travel activities of the Watcher’s Abyssal forces. She has become the first point of contact for all parties who wish to speak with or petition her Deathlord master, including the Deathknights who should be her betters.

Kalen Vijaso

Kalen Vijaso is another newcomer to the Purveyor’s forces, though he has not managed to gain nearly as high a standing as Fallsong. A man of medium build, he frequently accompanies the Day Tears on her forays into the Atelier. This naturally causes some friction between the two, but they have not yet come to blows. He is always seen in fine Silken Armor in various styles, and maintains a quiet and confident air. He often speaks to the masses of the Atelier on the Watcher’s behalf, and is sent out to settle larger disputes before they can become dire problems.


Kiriksu is the last and most prominent of the Purveyor’s advisors. A veritable bear of a figure, he generates an air of strength and control that is hard to overlook. Prior to Fallsong’s arrival, he held her position for umpteen decades, delegating his Deathlord master’s authority by both social and physical means. If there is any animosity between the two of them, it has never been aired either in public or private, and they work together quite often. Presently, Kiriksu spends the bulk of his time training any new additions to the Purveyor’s sentient fighting forces, including new Abyssals. He has demonstrated a mastery of many fighting styles and types of weaponry, and is also highly excelled at stratagems.


A likeable enough fellow. He works as a butcher in the Underworld town of Three Oaks and lives with Calla as his companion. It is unknown how he died, but he always wears a butcher’s apron with a curiously large, livid, red stain on it.



A young woman who died by drowning. She possesses a small barge boat and uses it to patrol the Swamp of Regret.

Unnamed Nemissary

A peculiar and silent companion, he seems interested only in following the group and has demonstrated some knowledge of Labyrinth navigation.

The Ghosts

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