The Dragon Blooded

Ledaal Kebok Antimony

An air-aspected school mate of Willow’s, she now studies the Immaculate martial arts at the Cloister of Wisdom.

Karal Aruda_

Aruda.jpg(Karal Aruda)!

A Fire Aspect warrior from Lookshy, he is a patriot whose first loyalty is to the Seventh, then to his family and all others a distant third. He has trained at the school of Adamant Rose for the better part of a year arriving not long before Gaius left on his quest for vengeance. He seems to have no problem so freely associating with Anathema.

Jay (a.k.a. Asshole, Bastard, etc.)

Auspicious Jay

His joking, complaining and pranks are what this Water Aspect is known for, and because of it he’s more used to responding to his many nicknames than to his own. This suits him just fine, as he wasn’t fond of it anyway. A student at Adamant Rose’s school, Jay makes an unpredictable fighter whose wild gambits are just slightly more likely to win him the bout than they are to result in a crushing defeat.

Mirumi Sana_

Sana.jpg(Mirumi Sana)!

The quiet Earth Aspect has used his superior discipline to advance quickly in his studies with Rose. While other students relax and rest after a hard practice, Sana retreats to a peaceful place and rehearses what he learned that day.

Jian Helmi_

Helmi1.jpg(Jian Helmi)!

When she exalted unexpectedly several decades ago, Helmi took it as a suggestion that she begin to follow the Immaculate faith. The events of the last several years of her life have shaken the precepts that she long held as infallible, and her studying at the feet of the Anathema Adamant Rose is simply more testament to that. Their disagreements often become as tempestuous as only they can with one of the Air Aspect.

Koria, Mimiu and Nyna

Koria Mimiu Nyna

Three Fire Aspect sisters all study together under Rose’s tutelage. Nyna only began her studies a few weeks ago when her older sisters brought her to the school. She had only exalted a few months ago and, at the tender age of 13, Koria and Mimiu felt they could shield the girl from the verbal abuse Rose is known for. However, Rose has been uncharacteristically fond of Nyna and even Jay’s teasing about the coddling Dawn hasn’t done much to temper this (though the Dawn’s temper has done quite a bit to Jay as a result).

Koko and Mimi (as only Nyna is allowed to call them) are very close and are often mistaken for twins. They refuse to speak of their origins or family to everyone except for Rose who insisted on the information as a condition of her training them. They work to learn all she can teach them with a passion often ascribed to those of their Aspect.

The Dragon Blooded

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