The Abyssals

Thrice-Damned Blackguard

Dusk caste Abyssal in service of the Purveyor.

Castellan of Clockdust Reaches

Midnight caste Abyssal in service of the Purveyor.

Bitter Stance of Blood’s Betrayal

Daybreak caste Abyssal in service of the Purveyor.

Expendable Tin Legions

Dusk caste Abyssal in service of the Purveyor.


Day caste Abyssal in service of the Purveyor.

Acolyte of Obvlivion’s Bliss

Formerly a Southern warrior-priest, in life he had been inundated by death and horror on the battlefield. He came to know death as the only release from the agony of struggling to remain alive, and is now a devout proselytizer and leader of what ghostly forces his Deathlord master holds. A rather calm and polite individual at most times, Acolyte is fiercely loyal to the entity he believes has given him an opportunity to bring true peace to Creation.

Ten Thousand Plagues

The Purveyor entertains the presence of a Daybreak called Ten Thousand Plagues for less scrupulous tasks. Having performed horrible experiments on others in life, he sought to cure Creation’s most common diseases. When he was found out, he was burned alive, and it was at that point that he was given the opportunity to pursue his darkest desires. Driven nearly insane by the ordeal of his near-death, Plagues now primarily heeds the bidding of his Neverborn masters, accepting the Purveyor’s word when the voices in his head have died down. He is well-versed in the ways of necromancy, and is also quite the accomplished necrosurgeon. His Deathlord master usually keeps him close to heel, both to shore up his undead forces and to ensure his servant doesn’t get too out of hand.

She Who Weaves in Bleakest Glory

The Watcher maintains an ongoing presence in Stygia through a Moonshadow Abyssal called She Who Weaves in Bleakest Glory. In life, Glory upheld her status and wealth by carefully murdering a string of successive husbands, earning a reputation as a ‘black widow.’ Though no proof of her dark deeds ever surfaced, it did not prevent her eventual assassination. Having no wish to forego the power and wealth she had in life, she readily accepted the opportunity to live forever as a servant of Oblivion. She now enjoys near carte blanch in operating the Purveyor’s citadel and resources in Stygia, throwing lavish parties, forging alliances (both true and false), and managing multiple networks of spies. Rarely is she required to visit the Crimson Fastness, normally to make reports on more important matters that can’t be trusted to messengers.

The Maiden Choking on Vitriolic Tears

The Maiden Choking on Vitriolic Tears was a jilted lover in life. After killing her lover, his mistresses, and attempting to kill herself, she could not let go of her grief and revulsion for the rest of the world. As a Day, she now exists to strike down those who displease her Neverborn and Deathlord masters, glad that her every action brings the same grief she holds inside to the rest of the world. Tears frequently patrols the Atelier on the Purveyor’s business, seeking dissidents to quiet or insinuating herself in the heart of organizations that may further or oppose her masters’ wishes. Because of her past, she has difficulty working with men, but has not yet flat out refused any of her Deathlord’s orders to interact with them.

Bones of the Ashen Phoenix

Bones of the Ashen Phoenix

None other than the very man in black armor that killed Gaias’ family and razed his village to the ground. Unbeknownst to Gaias, this Abyssal was also his elder brother. He died in combat with Gaias and Nomora Kageto.

Traveller Under the Sanguine Moon

Traveller Under the Sanguine Moon

Consummate agitator, this Abyssal was tasked by his master to discover the secrets hidden by the The Great Tree deep in the forest between Tyria and Sumar. He was willing, and able, to do anything to complete his mission. Unfortunately, he met his match when Willow traded him for sorcerous secrets to The Bibliothecary, who is a little too rough with her toys.

Wink in the Storm’s Eye (Typhon)


Diplomatic envoy from Thorns to the Scavenger Lands Confederation of Rivers. This Abyssal was sent to High Keep to forward his Liege’s interests in Kalia/Three Oaks. He has invited Ominous Whispers, Willow and Gaias to his lord’s domain in Thorns and has sworn a (rather complicatedly worded) oath to protect Whispers while there. He is accompaning the group now to Marita where they hope to resupply and continue their travels.

Unnamed Abyssal #1

Gaias fought with a deathknight in the Underworld just outside of Karuth Vlan. This deathknight never game xer name, but wore white leather armor with bone spikes and a full helmet and face mask. Xe lead a patrol of war ghosts, piloted a peculiar piece of necrotech and fought with a weighted, soulsteel fighting chain but ultimately met xer fate at the hands of Gaias.

The Abyssals

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