A Realm tributary nation on the northern shores of the Inner Sea. Run by a Patrician family with Ragara roots, they mainly export furs and steel. A nasty situation with a demon not too long ago has left the capitol in a shambles.


This small town is more a cluster of cabins set on a seasonal trade route. Twice a year, they get an influx of goods from a merchant caravan. The rest of the year, they hunker down and take care of their own. A stone manor sits at the highest point in Fenton, and the Lord of the manor is the last descendant from what used to be a proud, Dragon Blooded lineage. During his exile here, he lost his wife to sickness, his son to infighting, and his daughter Snow’s heart to the Lunar called Titan.


Marama’s Fell

No Deathlord claims the Fell for none of them have been able to take and hold it. The ghosts of countless extinct races slaughtered in an extermination camp call the Fell home. The Windward Glory pack nearly went extinct themselves trying to drive back the edges of this shadowland.


Exalted: Ghost of a Chance goddessgood