Character Fiction

The Shrike’s Larder: Non-canon fiction by Kaninchen

  • A story of, “What if?” set in a possible future wherein Nine Willows in Autumn succumbs to the lure of the Void and becomes an Abyssal in the service of the Mask of Winters.

Nine Willows in Autumn: Background story by Kaninchen

  • Snapshots of the life lived by Nine Willows in Autumn before she came to Three Oaks.

A Monograph on One of the Arts of War: Non-canon not quite fiction by Kaninchen

  • A certain Twilight muses on unconventional warfare.

Journal: Background story by Artemin

  • The journal of young Ominous Whispers and the tale of her growth and exaltation. (Note: There were dates in this story, but I will have to go back and add them in later. One can tell the passage of time by the relative ages listed by the entries for now.)

Crystal Bay: Background story by Dzaka

  • A glimpse of the man known as Nomora Kageto before he became Wataru.

Wandering Sage, Crowned Sun (Part 1): Character fiction by Goddessgood

  • A piece of the origin tale of Rami Tariq written in narrative style.

Untitled Abyssal Campaign

Descent: Character fiction by Kaninchen (UNFINISHED!)

  • Vignettes from the life and death of Sandpiper Tahiyya and the Exaltation and career thus far of Castellan of Clockdust Reaches. Note: There is fairly explicit sex violence and salty language in quantity.

Thrice Damned: Character fiction by Goddessgood

  • Character backstory for Thrice-Damned Blackguard, told by those who remain living that remember the tale.

Other games

Eigenstates I: Contingency-Free Plans: Autochthonian stories by Kaninchen.

  • Alchemical goodness. And oh my goodness are Alchemicals fucking awesome. (I’ve been watching a lot of Ghost in the Shell and it, um. Shows. Yum. You could completely do Section 9 as Alchemicals. Easy. With Tachikoma and Uchikoma.)


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