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Pinnacle of Noon (Luchea’s Dire Lance)

This Artifact is an orichalcum dire lance topped with a representation of the sun whose rays have been sharpened to form a cutting edge. Wrapped around the center of the lance is a column of red jade on which a prayer is inscribed in careful glyphs of starmetal. The lance has one setting for a Hearthstone. It was used by Luchea’s previous incarnation as a symbol of his divine authority over the gods of Heaven. Attunement cost is XX motes.

Contricio Sanus – Crushing Sound (Gaias’ Daiklave)

Artifact ooo

|Speed: 5 | Accuracy: +4 | Damage: +7 L | Defense: 4 | Rate: 4 | Min Str: ooo | Attune: 8m |

Description: This Orichalcum daiklave resembles an oversized bastard sword with a blade length of 5ft, and an over all length of 6.5ft. The daiklave has two blades with a split in the middle that run parallel to each other. It resembles something like a tuning fork. The blades have a Golden hue to them with chaotic etchings with no discernible pattern to them. The edge is a different story all together; the edge has a dark shadowy hue to it, and resembles Soulsteel. The guard is cross shaped that come to four points with a golden chain intersecting them. The handle is wrapped in purple leather, and the pommel is surrounded by a series of incandescent alexandrites. Coming out of the end of the pommel is a 6in spike with a black hue. Drawing his blade and striking his target’s weapon, armor or some other surface, the weilder creates a sonic effect causing vertigo in all those who dare approach to attack him. When a Join Battle roll is called for, the user may pay 1 wp and up to [2 x his Essence] score in motes to divide among the affects below. The effects are set for the duration of the combat and end immediately once the combat is over or the blade is sheathed or otherwise kept from vibrating. The PC is immune to all of these effects so long as he is touching the daiklave.

Infinite Reach of Sound – PC may spend 1 mote and increase the range of the vertigo effect by 2 yards from a base of 1 yd (encompasses enemies surrounding him).

Unstoppable Ringing Distraction – Impose an external penalty of -1 per 2m spent on the initiative roll for targets in range due to disorientation.

Echoes in the Mind – Impose an internal penalty of -1 per 3m spent on all actions for targets in range.

Sensory Overload – For 4m, all targets in range of the effect are so disoriented, they must succeed on a [Wits + Awareness] roll at a difficulty of the user’s Essence to perceive his attacks. On a failure, the target is flatfooted. On a botch, the target suffers an additional -2 internal penalty due to nausea and vertigo. If the target succeeds on this roll with more than twice the required successes, they are considered immune from this effect for the duration of the combat.

Additionally, for the cost of 4m and 1wp, the bearer of Contricio Sanus may cause his attacks to deal piercing damage and become unblockable without a stunt or a Charm.

Golden Spirit Thorn

Orichalcum Short Powerbow

Artifact ooo

Spd 6 Acc + 3 Dmg +3L Rate 2 Range 300 Attune 8m

This Short powerbow follows the same motif of anything the First Age Zenith, Radiant Rose, created and uses a rose and leaf pattern. This weapon however focuses on the darker aspects of the rose. The bow notches are sharp points of deep green jade that has been inlayed to the core of the bow. The hearthstone socket rests in a relief of an orichalcum rose that is surrounded by two green jade leaves, similar in form to that of her matching breastplate. Legends say that many only thought of this weapon as an expression of beauty rather than function. However those who truly attuned it found that it was designed to damage spirits far more than those who truly lived in creation, but at a price. The Bow deals +2 more damage to those of pure essence, in addition spirits slain by the bow are truly destroyed, these bonuses only apply only if their essence of the spirit is equal to or lower than the exalt wielding the bow.



Orichalcum Breastplate

Artifact oo

8L/6B Hardness 2L/2B Mobility -0 Fatigue 0 Attune 4m

This breastplate is shaped to look like overlaying leaves and rose petals and the matching helmet arches back into a point and carries the same motif. At the apex, right below the pectorals there is a bas-relief of a single perfect rose surrounded by two leaves. A First Age Zenith, Radiant Rose, owned this breastplate. By most standards, it is a fairly simple artifact however it carries with it some small minor blessings. In addition to the standard benefit of Orichalcum, the inlays of pure green jade enhance the armor with a slight elemental affinity. The inlays are geomantically perfected to resonate with the life of creation. When the wearer takes damage from lethal attacks the armor drains essence from the world around it equal to half the damage levels taken and sends it to the wielder, rounded down.

Other Items

(The Traveler’s Mirror)

This item is a flat, oval mirror eight inches wide and 15 inches tall. Around the rim is a 7-stranded braid of fine soulsteel chain links. The mirror surface appears normal but dull, and the back is featureless silver. The mirror can show images and transmit sound when activated, but the method of activation is unknown. It is believed to be some sort of communications device and it obviously highly valued by the master of its former owner, the Mask of Winters. It has an attunement cost of 5 motes.

Ghost-Seeing Blindfold (Ominous Whispers’ Blindfold)

The blindfold is made of white silk and is intricately embroidered with white thread. Attuning this Artifact and wearing it over the eyes allows the user to see dematerialized spirits and essence flows as per the Solar Occult Charm All Encompassing Sorceror’s Sight. A ghost-blooded artisan known as Weaver Shanti created the blindfold and wove into it the greatest wish of an abandoned ghost: that his family would be able to know he was still there and could still help them. The attunement cost for this item is 3 motes.

Wedding Bands

Moonsilver and Orichalcum Wedding Rings

Artifact o

(Converted Artifact from 1e Book of Three circles, pp 92)

Two rings forged of the holiest of materials are exchanged in a marriage ceremony witnessed by the Unconquered Sun and Luna. The Exalts involved willingly dons the ring and commits one mote of Essence. The ring cannot be removed until their spouse‚Äôs death, at which time it burns with a blinding light and brands the fingers of the surviving spouse so that they shall always remember their fallen love. The wedding vows are enforced by Heaven as per the rules of the Eclipse Caste Anima power assuming an Eclipse with an Essence rating of 1. Whenever the pair are within range of each others senses, they gain three bonus dice as a Specialty effect to any Social or Perception rolls involving their spouse. These bonus dice may not combine with other Specialty dice to provide a benefit greater than +3. When the pair are not within range their bond is not broken; separated partners may roll a dice pool of their Essence + the Lunar’s Solar Bond rating to determine a single salient detail per success about the health and wellbeing of their mate once per scene. Wedded characters that do not share a Solar Bond are assumed to have a rating of zero. The rings also confer separate benefits to each spouse.

Orichalcum Ring: The orichalcum ring is worn by the Lunar partner and provides two additional dice to track their spouse through any terrain. The tracking rolls are made completely without penalty – the Lunar instinctively knows how to find their mate.

Moonsilver Ring: The moonsilver ring is worn by the Solar partner and it grants the wearer a second Motivation towards their mate or relationship. None may deny the power of a Solar’s love.


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