Systems and General Articles

  1. The Calendar and You
  2. How to Get Drunk
  3. Types of Defense in Exalted
  4. Travel in the Labyrinth
  5. Thoughts on the Tya

House Rule Articles

  1. Building Combos
  2. Crafting
  3. MDVs See Social Combat
  4. Nexus Hold ’Em
  5. Social Combat

Andrea’s Open Project list

  1. Varangian Astrology: Needs to be fleshed out.
  2. Abyssal-ized Lunars: Needs major work before completion.
  3. Houserules for Poisons: Needs additional references to be collected from canon released material
  4. Recreational Poisons a.k.a. Drugs: Needs systems converted from 1e to 2e and additional drugs to be collected from 2e sources.
  5. Abyssal Charm Cards: Needs last of Charms to be added from MoEP: Abyssals and all cards to be updated with errata.
  6. Finish adding 1e Lunar Charms to the exalted wiki.
  7. Add 1e Abyssal Charms to the exalted wiki.
  8. Item


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