Soboj Ostat'sja Dol'she

Moonsilver Superheavy Plate Armour


Собой Остаться Дольше (Soboj Ostat’sja Dol’she “To Remain Myself Longer”)
Moonsilver Superheavy Plate Armour (Artefact •••••)
Soak +15B/15L, Hardness 10L/10B, Mobility 0, Fatigue 2, Attune 8
Internalised with Eigenselector‘s Technomorphic Integration Engine
By ’Protective by Design’, Kamak-Guózú Ganxiu-Shì Champion Construction Conclave, Prolific Scholars of the Furnace Transcendent Artefact Design Prefecture


Like Налюбуитес, Собой Остаться Дольше was fashioned from the wreckage left behind when Unavailability Heuristic Engram Re-Recorder was killed in defence of Ganxiu-Shì.

Massively reinforced articulated plate, this armour is similar to articulated plate but is in all ways superior. The plates are heavier, the pins and hinges that permit the armour’s articulation are thicker and more durable, and the joints are large and sturdy enough that in many cases chain reinforcement can be dispensed with altogether. Superheavy plate is seen very occasionally in sieges but most often adorns the bodies of Exalted warriors whose magic allows them to bear the massive burden of this armour as easily as a normal mortal endures the burden of lesser armour.

Moonsilver shifts its shape to move with the wearer, accommodating ou every need. When worn by those capable of attuning to moonsilver’s magical material bonus, such armours have no mobility penalty no matter how heavy they are.

Soboj Ostat'sja Dol'she

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