Moonsilver Reaver Beamklave

weapon (melee)

Налюбуитесь (Naljbuites “Watch in Awe”)
Moonsilver Reaver Beamklave (Artefact ••••)
Repair: 2
Speed 5, Accuracy +5, Damage +9L/3, Defence +2, Rate 2, Mins Strength ••, Attune 3, Tags O
Internalised with Eigenselector‘s Technomorphic Integration Engine
By ’Often Offensive,’ Kamak-Guózú Ganxiu-Shì Champion Construction Conclave, Glorious Luminors of the Brilliant Rapture Artefact Design Sub-Ministry


Налюбуитесь is the first artefact created from the detritus of Optimised Eigenstate Collapse Selector‘s previous incarnation, Unavailability Heuristic Engram Re-Recorder. That Eigenselector finds it somewhat unsettling to be armed and armoured with the body of the former incarnation is a very closely guarded secret to be meditated upon only in the safety of the vats. An accordance must be reached; Eigenselector hears Unavailability Heuristic’s voice at times Clarity should not permit. But to refuse to use the kit assigned by the state – not just in the field but in morale-building events for the people of Ganxiu-shí and other cities in Kamak-guózú – would be not merely wasteful but blasphemous.

With few options available Eigenselector keeps close watch on the contents of the mind and the status of the soul and hopes the voice of Unavailability Heuristic isn’t an early sign of infection. Fortunately the nearly blank full-face helm dotted with the blue-black spider eyes accommodating the optical enhancements betrays little. The blades of the sensor booms mounted behind each ear are far more expressive, for those who know how to read their semaphore language.

The signature weapons of the Alchemical Exalted, these intricate cylinders are constructed from magical materials encased in a foot-long shell of reinforced alloys and tipped with a concave crystal disc. Variations on the straight cylinder do exist, but are uncommon and do not affect their function. Slightly curved versions are the most popular variation. Attuning to a beam weapon requires a commitment of three motes, whereupon these devices become light, nimble and easy to wield. Thereafter, when the Exalt pays five motes into ou attuned beam weapon, the weapon extrudes a blade of glowing Essence that averages three feet in length. (It lasts for an entire scene.) These blades combine tremendous heat and pure force and are able to set flammable objects alight with but a touch. The colour of the blade depends on the magical material used in the artefact’s construction. Orichalcum blades emanate golden-white light that pulses as the blade moves, while moonsilver blades flicker with a pale, silver-blue radiance. Jade blades glow softly in the colour of their jade-type, although black jade generates a midnight blue brilliance. Starmetal beam weapons are crimson hued at rest, and smoothly arc through the spectrum to deep violet as they slash through the air. Soulsteel beam weapons are the deep red-black of dried blood and leave behind curtains of ash in their wake. Adamant beam weapons are the most spectacular. They are barely visible at rest as pale-blue prisms of energy that refract and scatter all other light. But as they cut through the air, they flash intermittently like bolts of lightning and trail azure sparks behind them.

Active beam weapons carry the same traits as their magical material counterparts, and artefact mêlée and martial arts weapons have beam weapon equivalents. Slayer khatars, fate rings, baneclaws and razor claws always come in pairs, and all beam weapons have an Artefact rating two dots higher than their normal counterparts, including warstrider-sized beam weapons—which cost an extra mote to attune.

In addition to their normal traits, all beam weapons destroy non-magical weapons with which they come into contact, provided the defender chooses to use their parry defences, even if the defence values are not sufficient to deflect the attack. Furthermore, all defence values when parrying against beam weapons are halved (rounded down). If natural weapons are used to parry a beam weapon, the character using them suffers two lethal levels of damage and extras have those fists, claws or feet amputated. Also, if a beam weapon successfully strikes a being wearing non-magical armour, the raw damage of the attack is permanently subtracted from both the armour’s bashing and lethal soak values, to a minimum of zero. If both soak values are reduced to zero, the armour is destroyed and provides no further protection. Inanimate targets of roughly the user’s size or smaller also suffer a permanent soak reduction from attacks made against them. If an object’s soak is reduced to zero, it is left appropriately scorched and fractured, but is otherwise damaged normally. Larger objects, such as walls, apply the soak reduction to only the small area that is being attacked rather than to the entire structure. Magical weapons suffer no damage from contact with a beam weapon and may parry them without risk but suffer the same -2 external penalty to defence value as any fully material weapon facing a beam weapon.

Beam weapons themselves may parry attacks from other beam weapons without risk of destruction and with no penalty to defence value.

While the most common form of beam weapon is the beamklave, other weapon models are referred to by the same prefaces as beamklaves, so reaper beamklave, reaver beamklave, grand beamcleavers, beamlances, et cetera.


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