Five Season Fashion Line Wardrobe

Transformative Clothing


Five Season Fashion Line Wardrobe
Transformative Clothing (Artefact •)
By ‘Salon Daidōji-Hime,’ Kamak-Guózú Tanliao-Shì Dual-Use Design Conclave, Glorious Luminors of the Brilliant Rapture Artefact Design Prefecture


Established in 3,058 D.A. Salon Daidōji-Hime has been providing fine clothing, unobtrusive light armour, jewellery, easily-concealed weapons, and accessories mundane and magical to managers, Tripartite members, and Champions of Kamak-Guózú for a long time. They take especial pride in their catalogues of transformative clothing and armour. Made from Essence-sensitive fabric including spun jade and moonsilver, the Five Season Fashion Line Wardrobe changes shape at its attuned owner’s whim. In its default form it resembles a finely-made tunic of synthetic silk. When the wearer spends a mote they can cause the fabric to shape itself to they will, expanding and contracting the weave, altering its colour, texture, and shape to fit they precise specifications. It can become everything from a single glove or a hat to an elaborate and multiply-layered suit of courtly raiment. The wearer can also spend a mote to cause the Wardrobe to clean itself and repair any damage. Changes, cleaning, and repairs are extremely rapid, requiring only a miscellaneous action (Speed 5, -1 DV).

Each Five Season Fashion Line Wardrobe is tailored to its owner’s tastes and needs and comes with hundreds of ensembles loaded from Salon Daidōji-Hime’s nearly two-thousand year history of style and fashion. Naturally the Exalted owner is welcome to make their own creations with the artefact’s powers (by making a (Wits + Craft [Wood]) roll with failure indicating that the result is significantly different from what the wearer had intended — transformative clothing can take on any configuration it has previously held without a roll). But if the owner is not creative in that way and finds themselves wanting to add to the library of their transformative clothing Salon Daidōji-Hime happy to be of service; its Essence-using artisans can make any alterations to the Wardrobe’s memory the owner wishes.

For customers requiring discreet protection from assault, Salon Daidōji-Hime offers an armoured variant of their Five Season Fashion Line Wardrobe. It has 4B/6L Soak, 2B/2L Hardness, zero Mobility and Fatigue penalties, and costs four motes to attune (the clothing-only version requires no mote commitment to attune, only to change shape). It cannot be worn with other artefact armour to stack the soak bonuses.

Five Season Fashion Line Wardrobe

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