Exalted: Ghost of a Chance

Ghost of a Chance, Part 9

Cloak and dagger deals

Second and Rami concluded that the jewelry Second had found was genuine, very expensive and very likely stolen. Rami could not decipher the documents, but recognized the characters as Guild correspondance. Believing Whispers to be a Guild agent – though she had never confirmed this – Rami proposed he would ask her and Shade about the documents. Though unable to read them, he was able to identify five separate documents by their penmanship and took one sheet from each document up to the library where Whispers and Shade studied. Claiming he had been approached by “a friend”, Rami asked the pair for help reading the documents. After Rami left so they could discuss in private, they discovered that all five sheets were parts from different documents and all seemed to have a common theme: blackmail information on Guild members. They surmised that Rami’s friend had come across one of several courier’s drops or that the documents had been stolen by a Guild agent and separated for safe-keeping. Summoning Rami again, they told him they could not return the pages because they needed to be returned immediately and would make sure to keep his name out of any official inquiries. Whispers and Shade left to return the pages, asking if the documents they belonged to were missing. The archivist was unable to find the documents and a full scale audit of the archives began. They left their information so they could be contacted again if need be. They then returned to the villa to continue their work.

The following morning, Gaias, Second and Willow (who had been woken up too early by her estimations) examined the bones and determined that they likely belonged to Gaias brother. Gaias’ ability to spy through walls was also revealed to the other two and he was given a stern warning not to use it inappropriately. Rami pulled Second aside to discuss what Shade and Whispers had told him the night before. Second asked Rami to examine the jewelry for enchantment or traps, though he didn’t find any. Second and Gaias then went speak with Typhon regarding their deal in his office. After some harsh words, Typhon agreed to give the release Gaias from his oaths and allow him to keep the remains of his brother so that they could be properly buried. Gaias apologized for his earlier behavior thanked Typhon.

After their deal, the group gathered for a more civil breakfast at which Typhon offered them a formal tour of the grounds. Both Ominous Whispers and Willow paid particular attention to the methods their host had used to ward his home and possessions. Several interesting books and paintings were discussed and Typhon took his leave to return to his work at the Council Hall in town.



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