Exalted: Ghost of a Chance

Ghost of a Chance, Part 11

Friends in low places

While pondering reading choices in the library of Typhon’s villa, Willow found a partly completed puzzle box displayed on one of the shelves. Taking it down, she solved it quickly and felt a momentary brush of essence but was unable to determine what effect it might have had. Inside the box was a scrap of parchment with an encrypted message on it. She replaced the box and took the paper to decode in her room.

Stalwart Second left to continue his search for the missing servant, Bikry. Following his last lead down to the docks, he found them in commotion as a body had recently washed up. Second navigated some byzantine dockside bureaucracy and finally managed to find out that the body did belong to Bikry. Wrapping the man in several cloths “borrowed” from the storage room at the clerk’s office, Second transported the corpse through town to the wooded hills outside of Typhon’s villa. There he informed the shocked Anaes that Bikry had been found in the river, stabbed to death. The pair solemnly saw him to his final rest in the woods at sundown. Second promised Anaes he would get to the bottom of what had happened to Bikry.

Shade and Whispers returned from their errand at the Guild office. Rami approached Whispers to complain that merchants backed by the Guild had been actively blocking him from making purchases in Marita. According to those he’d spoken to, he was being singled out as a guest of Typhon who had attracted the Guild’s ire for some unknown reason. Whispers promised to look into the matter and went to speak with Typhon. Typhon mentioned he was backing a certain anti-Guild Councillor and his cadre as a personal favor and that that might have attracted the negative attention. The pair could not come up with why the Guild would target only one of Typhon’s guests, however they supposed Rami might simply be the one that was easiest to affect due to his frequent activity in the market place. When Whispers asked what Typhon planned to do about the matter, he deflected her attention by asking her to attend a ball with him the following evening. She agreed and left, only realizing later what he’d done.

Shade went in search of the nemissary only to be ambushed by the same in the garden of the villa. The fight began simply, but escalated quickly, with first Shade then the nemissary using Charm after Charm. As it wore on, Shade’s personal banner filled the sky with gleaming light. Finally surrendering to ensnarement in a net of blackened magic, Shade insisted he had proved that he could at least defend himself. The nemissary laughed at him and knocked him, still bound, to the ground. Advising him to make himself scarce, the nemissary left Shade to roll on the ground and walked out of the villa into the night.

The rest of the party freed Shade from the net and took him inside to wait for his anima to die down. They Assembled to discuss their plans going forward since the presence of an Anathema had been revealed to all in a several-mile radius. Typhon explained that he was easily the biggest target since he had enemies on the council that had been waiting for him to make a mistake. Insisting that there was no reason that any of his guests should also take a fall, he arranged for passage for everyone out of Marita on a river boat bound for Nexus. After bried meetings with Ominous Whispers and Nine Willows in Autumn, he was clapped in irons and taken away. Perhaps with some small amount of guilt, Shade attempted to determine what would be done with Typhon but was unable to glean anything but rumors in the short time he had to investigate.



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