Exalted: Ghost of a Chance

Abyssal Game, Part 1

Fetch me that thingie!

After months of training and preparation, five Deathknights – Castellan of the Clockdust Reaches (Midnight), Dirge of Silence (Day), Thrice-Damned Blackguard (Dusk), Stance (Daybreak) and Song (Midnight) were summoned to their Lord’s meeting chamber. This rarest of occurences – meeting with the Omniscient Purveyor of Deleterious Intent – heralded their first assignment: to meet with the god Gowaijen, Minister of That Which is Lost to the Sands, find what it is he had lost and return it. In his own way, the Purveyor made it known to the Deathknights that he would prefer they return this item to him rather than to the god with whom they would shortly become aquainted. After receiving their assurances that he would not be disappointed, the Watcher (as the Deathlord is also known) dismissed them from his reality-bending audience hall.

The Abyssals trouped down through the tower of the Crimson Fastness to confer with Niraba Fallsong and receive further instruction on their mission. She gave them the location of Gowaijen’s sanctum, Chebetkun, which was three days south and west of the Dolorous Atelier. Further, she said, they would need to make at least part of the journey in Creation. After completing their requisitions for their trip, Fallsong added that Blackguard was allowed to select one other of the Watcher’s servants attend them… even if it need be Fallsong herself. After some discussion and banter with Castellan, Blackguard requested Acolyte of Oblivion’s Bliss, an older Midnight caste Deathknight, accompany them. All six Deathknights made preparations to leave in the morning, spending their remaining hours in various pursuits.

They set out from Bastion and the Crimson Fastness into a throng of cheering from mortals and ghosts alike. Making their way to the edge of the Atelier took several days longer than anticipated due in part to the large train of servants and accoutrement. The group stopped at a town at the edge of the Atelier’s borders in Creation and Acolyte revealed he’d brought along a Sorcery Capturing Cord – courtesy of the somewhat-unhinged Daybreak called Ten Thousand Plagues – that would allow them to cross from the Underworld into Creation and enable them to travel a few days longer in the Underworld.

A few days out from the Atelier and into the wild desert of the southern Underworld they made their crossing, pausing only to don what grave trappings they had seen fit to bring along to ease their discomfort. Castellan made a sacrifice of a snake-headed charm Blackguard brought along and summoned one of the servitors of Gowaijen, a monk wreathed in a swirl of burning pages and who “spoke” only in the flaming letters as those pages passed into view of the observers. The guide lead them onward for a day or more through the scorching dunes to the rock of Chebetkun and the home of Gowaijen.



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